The First Step for an Efficient and Compelling Email Planning Calendar

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The First Step for an Efficient and Compelling Email Planning Calendar

Have you ever been so caught up in your daily work that all of a sudden you come to the shocking realization that you haven’t emailed your list in 4 weeks (or longer)? (Guilty!) Or have you ever had the thought that you really NEED to email your list, but you’re stuck on what to say or what to promote?

Neither scenario is ideal, especially if you’re using email marketing as a way to nurture your list to further that Know, Like, and Trust relationship. These are the people who will buy from you, but how can they get to know, like, and trust you if they never hear from you? With sporadic email marketing, you’ll spend more time refreshing their memories of who you are rather than making sales.

Create an Email Planning Calendar

So, instead of sitting on this revolving hamster wheel that leads nowhere, create an email planning calendar. This will allow you to get clear on exactly when and how many emails you’ll be sending this month. The beauty of this type of calendar is you can use it as a template for future months by making just a few tweaks.

The first step is to look at a blank calendar and decide how many times each week you’d like to email your list. Also keep in mind how frequently your list wants or expects to hear from you. Some niches will expect valuable emails every business day while others may prefer once per week.

I follow two marketing experts who email everyday and I’m fine with it. The emails are short, packed with value AND they were very clear when I signed up that they send daily emails. Letting your subscribers know how often to expect a message from you when thet sign up is essential! Melding your own frequency with what your audience expects is something only you can determine as you know your ideal clients the best.

While looking at the calendar, take note of any holidays or religious days of observation. You may be able to promote something around the holiday or you may need to bump your email message for that particular day. Common sense says you’ll get incredibly low responses if you send an email on Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Year’s, so adjust your email schedule as necessary.

At the bare minimum, plan to email your list twice a month. That’s enough to keep your name fresh in their minds without becoming a nuisance. You are in complete control of how frequently you email, so even if you schedule those emails but then are struck with a burst of creative inspiration, send out another email on the fly. If people complain or unsubscribe, then they’re not part of your ideal audience anyway.

One note: Don’t commit to an email schedule that instinctively feels like too much. Trust your gut! Do you have enough content to email multiple days a week without repeating yourself? Do you enjoy writing enough to craft all these emails? Do you feel like you’re forcing the writing ideas or are they coming naturally?

Your readers will know if you’re forcing the content. They’ll know if you’re not being authentic about what you’re sharing or if it feels like you’re writing simply to meet a deadline. Combine your readers’ needs with your own comfort level and start nurturing that relationship. As emailing becomes more of a habit, you can change your frequency at a future date.

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