Monetize your Emails with this Powerful and Under-Utilized Strategy


Monetize your Emails with this Powerful and Under-Utilized Strategy

Even if your free content is simply meant to be educational, you can still earn money from a single email…by utilizing the P.S. section with a strong call to action. You know that PS part of every email; it’s directly under your signature and it’s considered your “last ditch effort” to reach your readers with an offer.

Why is this section so important?


Even if your reader scans the entire email, chances are high they will scan to the very end and notice your PS. Crafting your PS with strong words and a sense of urgency can actually get your scanner to slow down and really take in that last bit of info.

Not every email should be or needs to be promotional in nature BUT every email can include an offer. That’s the beauty of this PS section. Deliver your educational or inspirational message in the body of your email and save the call to action for the very end.

Of course, that call-to-action can lead to a paid offer or it can lead to a rousing discussion on social media. Direct your subscriber to a new opt-in report or lead them to your newest mastermind group. The choice is yours. Consider this just another avenue to train your readers to take action with your emails while also building your credibility.

The anatomy of powerful P.S.

  • Describe what the reader will lose if they don’t take this action.
  • Describe what the reader will gain.
  • Create a sense of urgency, either with a deadline or a limited number of products available.

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