Launch Your Product Now: Avoid Analysis Paralysis

How many times have you thought of ideas for building your business only to get caught in the “analysis paralysis” that seems to plague solopreneurs? You know the vicious cycle: You get a great idea, you get excited for it, but then weeks later you still haven’t started it and you’re losing steam. Or, worse yet, you see a competitor who just launched a similar product and you talk yourself out of following through on your idea.

First of all, if there are competitive products based on similar topics, that’s a good thing. That means there’s a market willing to pay money for your information. You are also a unique individual who has unique talents and a unique way of speaking to her tribe, so why not put your own spin on a similar product?

Smart business owners will do some research, however, before starting the production process, primarily to cover their bases and include all the information their audience is craving.

  • Review your audience’s pain points and struggles. How can you address those in your product?
  • Can you present your product differently than the competitors’ products?
  • What’s missing from their products that you can provide in your product?

If you’re not sure how to answer these questions, simply ask your audience via email, survey, or social media. People love voicing their opinions so ask them!

Enlist Your VA for Maximum Productivity

Acting on your intuition when a product presents itself is vital to keeping up your momentum and avoiding analysis paralysis. Assign a simple task to your VA, such as creating a production timeline (and save it as a template for future products) or conducting the market research. Ask your VA to stir up some buzz on social media (without giving away too much, of course) and let your followers chime in about what they want to see from you.

In the meantime, you start creating a product outline and brainstorm where you’ll get the content (ghostwriter, expert interviews, past content that you wrote, etc.) Taking at least one action step each day will prevent you from stopping dead in your tracks and thinking there is no way you can compete with others. That’s negative self-talk that you need to battle and overcome. Reciting some positive affirmations or meditating can help dispel that negative self-talk.

Need Some Validation? Ask in Your Mastermind Groups

Sometimes we need that extra kick of positive energy to get started or keep going, so if you need that boost, approach a couple of members in a mastermind group or other business friends you trust to get their opinions. Before you ask, however, be prepared to accept some constructive criticism. Not everyone will love your idea but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth pursuing. Maybe they will suggest some added topics or suggest a different format. Weigh their opinions and feedback but don’t let those opinions alone curtail your production activity. You understand best of all what your audience needs and which course format they will prefer.

Here’s an Easy Way to Create Your Online Course

I’ve struggled with this analysis paralysis so having super easy ways to produce your course allows you to move forward while the momentum and excitement are strong. I’ve got a self-study course ready for your viewing on this exact topic! “ How to Create and Launch a Profitable Course “ contains 24 lesson modules plus exercises and a dedicated Facebook Group with live support so you can take the mystery out of creating courses. Your fans will thank you…and want to buy more!

Originally published at on October 24, 2020.




Business Strategist passionate about helping motivated entrepreneurs.

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Karen Repoli

Karen Repoli

Business Strategist passionate about helping motivated entrepreneurs.

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