How To Use Bite Sized Video to Capture Your Target Client’s Attention & Build Authority

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How To Use Bite Sized Video to Capture Your Target Client’s Attention & Build Authority

If the idea of hosting a full-length webinar fills you with fear, try pre-recording short videos on specific topics and post them on your social media channels and YouTube. A series of videos can be just as effective as a webinar in building trust with your audience.

Keep in mind that each of these platforms rank their own videos higher in terms of how many people see it so upload the same video to each platform instead of simply sharing one link. For example, don’t just share a YouTube video link to your Facebook page; few people will see that video in their newsfeeds simply because it comes from YouTube. Increase your chances of a wider viewing audience by uploading the video to Facebook and then sharing it.

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You can upload a pre-recorded video or use their Facebook Live feature, which delivers your lovely face and message live to anyone who follows you. Even if no one joins you live, your video still shows up in newsfeeds for a replay. If you want to attract more live viewers, publicize the date and time you’ll be live and consider making it a weekly date so your followers come to expect it.

If you’re new to going live on Facebook or just what some tips on how to improve, I’ve created a Facebook Live Script & Marketing Planner. You’ll get 8 easy steps to follow. Get your copy here.

Prerecorded Facebook videos should be less than 60 minutes; if it’s a longer video, break it up into parts 1 and 2 otherwise Facebook will do it for you and you may not like where they split it.

Facebook Stories allow pre-recorded videos of 20 seconds to be uploaded but again, if it runs longer than that, they will split it into a second video. Also keep in mind that Facebook Stories only show up for 24 hours before they disappear. This format might be best for short snippets about your day or to create quick buzz about a new product.


YouTube also has a live feature but you have to get verified before using it. They want only clients with accounts in good standing to have access to this feature. Once approved, you can access the live feature via desktop as well as the YouTube app. One note: Live Streaming via mobile is only for those who have at least 1,000 subscribers to their channel. Learn more about live streaming on YouTube in this article from Hootsuite.

YouTube also offers some editing capabilities which can help direct viewers to your other videos, add royalty-free music as a background, or show the URL of your paid products. Simply upload your video, then look across the top of the video screen and you’ll see options for Enhancements, Audio, End Screens, Cards, and Subtitles.

  • Enhancements allow you to blur the faces of people in your video or custom areas of your video.
  • Audio allows you to add music to your video from the YouTube music library.
  • End Screens is just what it sounds like: A final screen or slide with your call to action directing your viewers to their next step, like other videos or the URL to subscribe to your email list.
  • Cards is a feature that allows you to add things like URLs or product titles throughout the video. These are especially helpful for those who don’t watch the whole video; you can still get your title, business name, and/or URL to them before they turn away.
  • Subtitles are also fairly obvious however the subtitles do not just appear on your video automatically. After uploading the video, you need to upload a transcript of the video to create the subtitles.

Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn allow video but the length of the video depends on the platform and what type of post you’re doing. It’s best to check with the platform(s) you intend on posting to before you create your videos.

Also, my suggestion is to start off using the platform where most of your audience is found currently. Get really good at using those video techniques before launching on a different platform.

Keeping these varying video lengths in mind, plan out what you’re going to say, and be sure to include a call to action and the URL to grab your freebie (or to watch your webinar). Use a content calendar to plot out multiple videos so people get used to seeing you and hearing your ideas. As with any type of content marketing, consistency with posting videos is what will endear you to your followers.

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If you promote your lead magnet or your webinar in the videos, the email funnels you have set up will take charge once your video viewers opt-in for the freebie or register for your webinar. Once they’re in the funnel, they will receive the same reminders as the rest of your list to purchase your products and/or services. One note: Choose only one item to promote per video to avoid confusion.

If this video marketing method proves effective, consider pre-recording some video series that build on specific topics. Also improve your chances of getting eyes on your videos by optimizing each description with specific keywords and your website or landing page URL.

Ready to super charge your marketing with bite sized videos? I can make it super simple for you with my Video Creation Services. All you have to do is send your created content, podcasts, blog posts, articles, or resources — all content is welcome — and I’ll transform it into brief videos for your social media platforms (or YouTube channel). Learn more here.

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Karen Repoli

Karen Repoli

Business Strategist passionate about helping motivated entrepreneurs.