Be More Productive in 2021: 13 Tips

Start with the Most Important Productivity Strategy

  • Time-consuming part of your business
  • Energy-draining tasks of your business
  • Area of your business where you lose the most money
  • Area of your business that makes you feel as if you’ve wasted hours

Stop the Endless Cycle

Learn to be Mindful and In the Moment

Underestimate on Purpose

Sync Your To-do List with Your Scheduling Software or Calendar

Create Templates and Checklists for Recurring Tasks

Plan to Repurpose Everything

Shut All Your Browser Tabs Down

Do Your Most Important and/or Most Unpleasant Task First

Be Proactive: Not Reactive

Break Major Goals into Tiny Bites

Un-train Your Brain

Keep Things Fun

Is Digital Noise Impacting Your Business and Health?



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Karen Repoli

Karen Repoli

Business Strategist passionate about helping motivated entrepreneurs.