Amplify Your Know-Like-Trust Facter with Compelling Free Content

free content

Amplify Your Know-Like-Trust Facter with Compelling Free Content

September 18, 2022

As great as your paid products may be, if a brand-new follower stumbles upon your website or sales page, chances are high they won’t make a purchase right that minute. They don’t know who you are, what you do, or if you can help them. You need to build your credibility with your audience first — by providing value. Only after you’ve proven yourself can you expect them to spend money with you. It’s the whole Know-Like-Trust factor.

Have you heard the term “value ladder”? It’s set up similarly to a sales funnel but is focused strictly on how you can attract and keep clients. This process is a fine art because you’re not just hocking your products; you’re speaking to these people, giving them valuable content, and showing them that you know what you’re doing. Your products are an added bonus; your knowledge, experience, and authenticity are what will draw your audience to you.

This is not about sales or making money at this point. A value ladder is all about earning the trust of your new customer or client. It’s nurturing that relationship, so they rely on you as their go-to person. It’s NOT about making a quick buck; that will only give you a smarmy reputation. And no one wants that!

You’ve heard the phrase, “You need to spend money to make money”? This is similar; you need to give away free content to make money, but it’s also helping to build your credibility. The first step in your value ladder is offering free content to your ideal audience.

free content

Use all these formats or experiment and track which formats give you the most engagement. So long as you’re providing value to your followers, the format is really secondary.

  1. Blog posts. Write evergreen blog posts chock full of detail and useful information. “Epic” blog posts with 2,000+ words can help with your website’s SEO, too. Tell your email subscribers about this epic tome by including a link in your next mailing.
  2. Opt-in lead magnets. People protect their email addresses, so you really need to make your lead magnet worthy of giving up that information. Then you need to follow up with your emailing consistently so they don’t think they were duped into joining your list.
  3. Podcast interviews. Whether you host your own podcast or were featured on someone else’s, promote those podcast interviews to your list and social media followers. Interviews bump your credibility because only experts are interviewed, right?
  4. YouTube videos. If you’re a natural in front of the camera, create a YouTube channel and promote it to your email subscribers. Give them links to your newest videos and always include a call to action in your videos so viewers know their next steps. If you only post videos sporadically, consider embedding your videos into a blog post to drive traffic back to your website instead.
  5. Infographics. Sometimes infographics help you break down a complex subject into simpler terms, especially topics that have lots of statistics. Instead of stuffing those stats into a long blog post, simplify it with an infographic. Embed it in a blog post and then email your subscribers about it.
  6. Facebook Live videos. If you love the interaction with a live audience, promote your next Live video and feed off that energy. Live videos don’t have to be long to be effective and it gives you a chance to interact with your viewers. Email your subscribers about the Live date and time as well as a link to the replay for those who missed it. If you’re new to this or just need help, click here.
  7. Other social posts. Did one of your favorite influencers mention you on Instagram? Are you having a controversial debate with 100 of your closest Facebook friends? Tell your email subscribers about it. Invite them to join in.
  8. Images or graphics. Stock images with inspirational sayings are quite common on social media. Mix it up with your own quotes about business or photos of your products. Did you speak at an event? Show off some of those photos, too. Watermark your photos with your logo so others can easily search for your business name.
  9. Transcripts of interviews. Some people have a love/hate relationship with podcasts and videos and they much prefer to read (or scan) blog posts on your site. Offering transcripts of your featured interviews helps satisfy those readers while also boosting your SEO.
lead magnet

Use your free content to serve a dual purpose: Build that credibility AND buzz for your new product launch. Your fans already love you and are waiting with bated breath for your launch. But you can win over those new followers more quickly by showcasing your expertise at the same time you’re talking about your newest product and how it can help them.

The trick is to not give away all your secrets! Learn to work backwards on your calendar by choosing a launch date and then marking off promotional weeks. Get creative with those promos and really think about what you can provide your audience that will build your trust while getting them excited about your product launch.

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