4 Ways to Use Content Repurposing to Generate Buzz with Tantalizing Content


4 Ways to Use Content Repurposing to Generate Buzz with Tantalizing Content

Do you have a library of great content just sitting on your website or social media profiles? Most entrepreneurs do! It’s time to make your content work for you by repurposing it! Repurposing simply means taking older content and turning it into another format, such as using a blog post as part of your email newsletter, taking important quotes from a blog post and using them as social media images or turning a blog post into a video. Even updating an older blog post and republishing it counts as repurposing!

Repurposing content is the easiest way to multiply your dollars. Take your existing content, pair it with your promos and VIOLA! You’ve got brand new content with strong calls to action that will bring in sales.

Instead of jumping straight into the repurposing pool, let’s think about this process systematically.


Take your promos list and pair it with content you’ve already created. Keep in mind, there needs to be a relevant link between the two. Nothing makes sense about pairing an article about “5 Ways to Implement Technology in Your Business” with a promo for the greatest health shakes you’ve ever tried. Pair your content subject matter carefully with the promo.

Your promo should be the logical next step for your followers to take. So, if you’re a business coach, take that same “5 Ways to Implement Technology in Your Business” article and pair it instead with an offer for your Setting Up Systems and Processes coaching package. Some business owners are stymied by technology, so encourage those people to take part in your specialized coaching where you can lead them through the systems process.

Or, if you’re a health coach and want to sell awesome shakes, create content that talks about gut health, speeding up metabolism, or how sugar causes diseases. Once people see the healthy content, they’ll want to buy your shakes. See the connection?

Here are a few more reasons why you should repurpose your content:

  1. Reach new audience members. If you’re gaining new email subscribers and social followers every day, they aren’t necessarily going to go back a year or more to peruse your blog content. Update and repurpose those blog posts for those new audience members. Your current audience probably won’t remember that particular post, either.
  2. Expand your reach. Not everyone learns the same way; some people prefer to read while others prefer to listen. Some people digest statistics easily while others need a quick snapshot. Repurposing your content attracts more people to you with these varied learning methods.
  3. Reach your customers at every stage of the buying process. New followers or subscribers want to learn about you, so they will likely search for longer articles to get a feel for who you are. Repeat customers, however, already know you, so they are happy getting shorter pieces of content. Repurposing content gives customers what they want and need at every stage.
  4. Save yourself time and money. Why reinvent the wheel when a simple update is all that’s needed? Of course, you should always create new content but mixing the old with the new is perfectly acceptable. Make some tweaks to the headline, update some stats, or add a case study to your content and you’ve got a brand-new article in half the time it took to write the old one.

Repurposing may seem like a daunting process but to make it easier, pick just a few content pieces to start with. Take your highest performing content pieces first, find ways to rework them, and then publish them and promote. If these original pieces already performed well once with engagement numbers, chances are the repurposed content will do the same.

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