3 Ways Your Mindset Can Derail Your Success in Business

A negative mindset can affect your confidence.

A poverty mindset can affect how you set prices.

“Money blocks” is a popular buzz phrase lately but I still hear story after story of solo-entrepreneurs who consistently underprice their services. If you’re underpricing just to get the job, then you run the risk of not earning enough to pay your bills and you’re telling prospects subliminally that you don’t value yourself enough. If clients baulk at paying your prices, then those aren’t the right clients for you. Just move on.

An imposter mindset can affect how you present yourself to others.

Need help shifting those mindsets?

As the owner of a successful business, I’ve developed a process to solve the business challenges you’re facing. From systems to marketing and everything in between, I’ve got you covered.



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Karen Repoli

Karen Repoli

Business Strategist passionate about helping motivated entrepreneurs. KarenRepoli.com