3 Easy Ways to Create Irresistible, Engaging Content for Facebook

Karen Repoli
4 min readMay 2, 2022


Create Irresistible, Engaging Content for Facebook

3 Easy Ways to Create Irresistible, Engaging Content for Facebook

May 1, 2022

Guessing at what type of content to publish on Facebook is futile if you don’t know your Ideal Client Avatar. But even knowing all that data about your ideal client doesn’t fully tell you what content they are looking for. So, how do you make sure your Facebook content is actually engaging and you’re giving people content they’re actually looking for? Instead of guessing what that may be, try asking them instead.

(Prefer video content? Watch here.)

What are They Asking For?

ask question

Every conversation — whether in person, on the phone, or via social media — is a chance to learn what your ideal client wants. But instead of reading between the lines for subtle clues, because we’ve all experienced how inaccurate that is, be more direct and ask the question.

Take notes about each conversation, especially if they are having difficulty finding specific products, programs, or information. Maybe someone explains they love videos because they can multitask while listening. Or maybe another person will fill you in on the content that other providers in your market offer so you can improve upon the quality.

Pay attention to social media posts from others in your niche and their comments. Are clients requesting certain information that isn’t being produced or easily found? Can you find a hole in what other businesses are offering that you can fill with your top-notch content? Go for it!

Conduct a Content Audit

Odds are you already have a lot of content out there on the Web, and some of it is probably quite popular. Did you cross-promote that popular content on Facebook (and other places of course)? If not, why not?

Start by looking at your own blog posts, email newsletters, and your YouTube videos. Which posts have received the most likes, shares, or comments? Write down the topic, the content type (i.e. blog or video) and any other notable attributes (i.e. it was about a trending industry topic or current event, it was a personal story, it involved a client case study, etc.)

Now look at your audit results with the most popular topics and formats. These are the topics that resonate with your audience. These are the blog posts or YouTube videos that have gotten the most comments. You’ll notice the same thing with the formats. Have your written blog posts gotten more comments than your videos, or vice versa? Even if you’ve only blogged in the past, try filming a videoabout one of the popular topics and see what type of engagement you receive. You might be really surprised!

Creating a video from a blog post is super easy with Pictori.ai! Try their Article to Video option or if you don’t want to tackle the task yourself, consider my Video Creation Service.

Expand Your Content Calendar by Repurposing Content

content strategy

Only one of my favorite tools! Repurposing content is a shortcut used by many experts in creating engagement across all their social platforms. When you take one well-performing blog post and turn it into a Facebook Live video or several posts, you’ve just expanded your reach and your message.

You can also take another well-performing social post and cross-post it on Facebook. Make it different from the original post by adding a customized introductory paragraph. Do the same thing when you republish a post from 1–2 years before. Make it original again by updating your views on the topic or adding a unique case study.

Be sure to try my most recommended tool — Missinglett_r. It monitors your blog 24/7 and when it finds new content, a social media campaign is created. Each campaign contains a year’s worth of social media posts created from your blog post which includes an image.

Most importantly, set up a process to conduct regular content audits — or to keep the original audit results updated regularly. If you notice changes in popular topics or formats, roll with it and address them. Your market will change over time, so should your way of engaging them on Facebook!

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