14 Ways to Get More Mileage from Your Content with Content Repurposing

3 Ways to Repurpose Content: Rewriting, Recombining and Reformatting.

  • Record live events and have them transcribed to create tons of written content that can be used in your newsletter, blog posts, or for downloads.
  • Using content to create the outline for a webinar
  • Use key ideas to create a video. This can be particularly effective if you have a report, eBook, or online learning program. You can simplify the information and use the video to motivate purchases.
  • Bundling old blog posts for your email marketing or “best of” round-up posts
  • Turning blog posts, infographics or PDFs into slides
  • Combine short from relevant content to create a live event, eBook, or online learning program. You’ve probably already published enough information to create a fuller product. Blog posts can be pulled together to create a report. Reports could be compiled to create an eBook or a downloadable course.
  • Creating a Pinterest board for your blog posts
  • Taking facts or statistics from your articles and turn them into tweets
  • Taking bits of content to use for a daily or weekly tip newsletter
  • Turning content into a script or talking points for a podcast
  • Summarizing the main points of a piece of content and make them into an infographic
  • Pull key ideas from your longer content to create social media content.
  • Pull key ideas from your content to create motivational graphics. Do you have a tip or quote that you can place over a relevant image? You can then share the graphic on your blog and on social media sites.
  • Keep your blog posts effortlessly bringing your target audience from your social media platforms to your website for an entire year with Missinglettr.com .
  • Save time on content creation (so you have more time to spend with clients-or your family!)
  • Get leads and make more money from the same piece of content over and over again (This is a real thing-and I can show you how to do it!)
  • Win more customers with less work!
  • Work content repurposing into your current marketing plan in fun, creative ways



Business Strategist passionate about helping motivated entrepreneurs. KarenRepoli.com

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